Prospective Students

Please feel free to contact the Fisheries & Marine Environmental Research Lab for further information concerning our research activities, consulting work or general information.

FAMER Projects Seeking Students

The missing link in our oceans: How zooplankton size spectra couple phytoplankton with fisheries

UNSW/UQ/UTas have PhD projects available, beginning in 2019. As part of an ARC Discovery Project, we are developing a global database of zooplankton size-spectra in relation to fisheries landings. We are interested in using zooplankton size spectra to investigate how zooplankton control the transfer of energy from phytoplankton to fish at local, regional and global scales.

There are funds available for a scholarship top-up, but the candidate must be capable for getting a Research Training Program (RTP) at UNSW, or UQ, or UTas

For further information, see here and then contact Professor Iain Suthers or Dr Jason Everett

IMOS-Larval Fish Monitoring

A number of PhD projects are available for students with strong numerical (statistical) skills in the IMOS datasets, particularly building on the links among larval fish, zooplankton composition (size or species), and the microbiome.

We have a particular interest in understanding the variation in larval mortality compared to larval growth, and opportunistic voyages on the RV Investigator.


Honours Projects

We are always looking for bright new honours projects to undertake research associated with our research themes Please contact Iain or Jason if you would like to chat about your ideas (or ours). Please show evidence of providing consideration to the FAMER Lab group research themes

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If you wish to visit the Fisheries and Marine Environmental Research Lab at the University of New South Wales, we are located on Level 4 of the new BioSciences-South building (E26) on the Upper Campus of the University of NSW, Randwick. The closest entrance is via Gate 11 off High Street.

For a map of the campus, please visit here.
We are located at Grid Reference E26.