FAMER researchers in the news

Stable Isotope Mixing Polygon Simulation As part of our research into stocking density and trophic interactions, Dr James Smith has developed some software which is able to evaluate stable isotopic mixing models that incorporate uncertainty in dietary source data and in trophic enrichment factors. For more information see this page

Release of prawns goes swimmingly
FAMER PhD student Chris Setio recently released 300,000 post-larval prawns into Lake Tyers as part of a restocking program with Fisheries Victoria. Chris and Iain Suthers spoke to The Age newspaper about the research.

Huge Swarm of Gelatinous Sea Creatures Imaged in 3-D
Dr Jason Everett was interviewed by the National Geographic Website about his recent paper in the Journal of Geophysical Research entitled: Three-dimensional structure of a swarm of the salp Thalia democratica within a cold-core eddy off southeast Australia. To read the interview, head to our the National Geographic Website.

Kingfish tagged for climate change research
PhD Student Stephanie Brodie was recently interviewed by the Manly Daily and the Illawarra Mercury about her research into Yellowtail Kingfish and Dolphinfish. Steph is calling on recreational anglers who catch yellowtail kingfish and dolphinfish along the South Coast to help her collect as many fish heads and bones as possible. Contact her and she will come and collect the heads and frames.

2012 Australian Academy of Science Award for Scientific Excellence
Congratulations to Teagan Marzullo for being awarded a 2012 Australian Academy of Science Award for Scientific Excellence for her project “Estuarine fidelity, home-range, habitat use and energetics of stingrays". She will receive research support under the Margaret Middleton Fund for endangered Australian native vertebrate animals. You can read the press release at the AAS website.

What lies beneath: Secrets of our Coast.
Professor Iain Suthers discusses the East Australian Current in a Special Report on Marine Science and the Sydney Institute of Marine Science which was published in the Sydney Morning Herald on Friday 5th March 2010.

Read the full article here (pdf).

Successful retrieval of IMOS Sea-Glider
With the assistance of the Defence Maritime Services vessel, the ‘Dugong’ and its crew, FAMER and IMOS scientists retrieved our Sea Glider on Tuesday 12 January, approximately 40 nautical miles north-east of Sydney.

Read the report and see photos here (pdf).

Mornings with Margaret Throsby
Professor Iain Suthers was interviewed by David Marr on ABC Classic FM on 1st October 2009. He discusses the ecology and dynamics of the increasing East Australian Current, salps, plankton, larval fish, ocean gliders and satellites. As part of the interview, Iain was also able to pick his own music. The songs he chose were:

  1. Dykes Eternal Father, Strong to Save – London Phil Choir; National Phil Orch/John Alldis Praise
  2. Grieg Peer Gynt Suite No 1, Op 46: Morning – Academy of St Martin in the Fields/Sir Neville Marriner Hänssler
  3. Rogers Northwest Passage – Stan Rogers, voc Fogarty’s Cove
  4. Lennon/McCartney Yellow Submarine – The Beatles
  5. Gilbert & Sullivan The Pirates of Penzance: The Policeman’s Song – Richard Van Allen, br; Chorus & Orch of the Welsh National Opera/Sir Charles Mackerras
  6. MacLean St. Croix Island Suite: Forest and River (excerpt) – New Brunswick Youth Orch/James Mark

Click here to download the full interview as an mp3 file from the ABC Classic FM Website (35 MB).

Finding Nemo in a cruel sea
Professor Iain Suthers discusses the deployment, mission and retrieval of a Slocum Glider. The first deployment of such an instrument on the East Coast of Australia.

Read the full article from the Sun Herald here.

Robot ‘Nemo’ battered by Australia sea current
Professor Iain Suthers discusses the deployment, mission and retrieval of a Slocum Glider. The first deployment of such an instrument on the East Coast of Australia.

Read the full article from Reuters here.

Jelly balls may slow global warming
Dr Mark Baird was interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald on 17th November 2008 on our recent work on Salps and the potential implications for climate change.

Read the full article here.

Jelly blobs may hold key to climate change
Dr Jason Everett was interviewed by Simon Lauder on The World Today broadcast on ABC Local Radio and Radio National. Jason discusses the FAMER Facility’s research on Salps and their potential implications for climate change

Read the transcript here.
Download the interview in mp3 format here (2.2 MB).

Jelly balls normal: scientist
Professor Iain Suthers discusses the FAMER Facility’s research on Salps which have been washing up on Coffs Coast Beaches in November 2008

Read the full article here.

Bright marine science students catch the Next Wave
Read an article by UNSW Science writer Dan Gaffney about a recent voyage aboard the Southern Surveyor, where Drs Jason Everett and Ross Hill (UTS) took 10 promising undergraduate students on a research voyage from Gladstone (QLD) to Sydney (NSW) as part of the Next Wave Program.

Download the pdf file here.

Oceans vibrate with the sounds of tagged fish
Professor Iain Suthers is interviewed about the Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) and the fleet of Gliders.

Cold Core Eddies off Eastern Australia on ABC News
Hear an ABC news interview with Professors Iain Suthers and Jason Middleton discussing a large cold core eddy sampled off Sydney while aboard the National Facility, the RV Southern Surveyor.This segment appeared on the 7pm ABC News in Sydney on Wednesday 11th Oct 2006.

Mulloway Restocking on Catalyst
Dr Matt Taylor is interviewed on the ABC’s science program, Catalyst about his work in Mulloway restocking. The interview was part of a larger segement on conditioning fish to recognise and avoid predators

Elke Venstra discusses Mulloway on Big Fish
One of FAMER’s researchers, Elke Venstra, was interviewed by Scott Levi on Radio ABC Central Coast for his program Big Fish. In this interview, broadcast on Saturday the 27th September, Elke discusses the FAMER facility’s work in mulloway restocking.

Download the interview as an mp2 file (3 MB)

The Mulloway Stock Enhancement Project on the Channel 9® lifestyle program Escape with ET®
This is a 3 minute television segment on the NSW Fisheries and Fisheries & Marine Environmental Research Facility Mulloway stock enhancement project, as seen on the Channel 9® lifestyle program Escape with ET®.

Download as WMV file (5.0 MB)

Stephanie Moore Radio Interview
This is a 10 minute radio interview with Stephanie Moore on the Discovery Science program on community radio. Stephanie discusses the importance of estuaries and how her work is helping to solve certain problems facing estuaine systems.

Download as an mp3 file (4.4 MB)

Study probes how sewerage affects oceans In this 1998 article in the UNSW Magazine Uniken, Iain Suthers discusses research the FAMER lab and PhD student Troy Gaston are doing into the effect of sewerage outfalls off Sydney on the populations of hula fish.

Read the pdf here